Friday, November 21, 2008

hospital/baby update

It's just after midnight. My roommate is sawing some serious logs. I've been checked extensively and my blood pressure is not staying consistently down. It's not high enough for toxemia, but they wanted to rule out pre-eclampsia and liver damage (thus the second overnight stay).

I had some wonderful visitors today and spent some good time catching up on blogs. I'm not caught up completely, but I feel like a ginormous slacker for not knowing things about pregnancies and babies and adoptions and moving and stuff. I am sooooooo sorry I've been so wrapped up with things that I've been ignoring everyone else.

You're wonderful and I really do love you all!

Last I heard from the docs, they're going to monitor me through noon on Friday. And hopefully that means they're going to send me home. I plan on calling my midwife in the morning to see if she has specific instructions for me, but I'm guessing I'll be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Especially since my blood pressure isn't being consistent.

I'll update again once I know anything. Oh, I am feeling a billion times better. Last thing is to get the dang IV out of my hand...

Update to the update: 6:45-ish Friday...
I did sleep. For a bit. I've been up for almost 2 hours though because at first I couldn't sleep through the snoring. But now my roommate is out on a smoke break and she's been up for half an hour so I really should have tried again.

Doesn't mean it would do me any good.

I'm still quite swollen and puffy looking, and my blood pressure is still high. They took it at 6-ish and it was 158/56 I think. The nurse said that they don't get concerned unless the systolic (top) is consistently over 160 (it hasn't been yet, although it's been close for a while now) or if the diastolic (bottom) goes over 100 (which it hasn't even gotten close).

So maybe my fears about getting stuck in the hospital another day or two are unfounded. I seriously hate this hospital. I don't care about the specialists and the specialist hospital right next door. I want to see my other baby and cuddle him and have my husband stop by at least once a day. And I want to be closer to the rest of my family too so it's not such a burden.

I mean, I want to be cared for, of course, but I have no doubts that American Fork hospital could adequately do that. All I've heard are rave reviews.

Last night here, after asking for toilet paper like 4 times (I'm not exaggerating - I asked for paper towels too because we were out of those as well), I still got stuck in the bathroom with no means to wipe. And having a smoking roommate who snores like a logger means I'm not getting much rest. And I desperately need good rest.

The nurse helpfully told me that if I was here for another day I could have an Ambien to help me sleep. How about some ear plugs and housekeeping?! And a room temperature that's not set at 75? And maybe 14 more pillows so I don't have to lay on my back at an angle?

Sigh. Just a little frustrated with a few things...

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