Saturday, November 1, 2008

This week

I don't remember saying anything about the bed, but Brent and I gave our bed away this week. We decided it's time to upgrade because both of us woke up in pain ever time we slept on it. Within an hour of posting it on Craigs List, I had 5 requests, and we ended up giving it to a nice Tongan lady. Yesterday at work our team theme was "goth". Everyone dressed up, and a group of 7 of us went out to lunch. We were quite the site. The Japanese restaurant where we went very helpfully put us in a separate room and shut the doors. :)

We dressed Felix up so we could take some pictures. He was really mad when I made him wear the green suit underneath, but for some reason, he really like that costume and was very happy to wear it. We took it off to let Luke wear it for trick-or-treating, but don't you think it's amazingly cute?

We stayed home to hand out candy and almost nobody came. Their loss. We had some great candy.

Today I cleaned a bunch while Brent went to help with the Scout PowWow at UVU. And I had Lauren come over to help out. She kept me company and helped play with Felix while I did some cleaning. Can't do much because I ache everywhere and we don't have any chairs downstairs anymore. We did go out for a few hours and run some errands. We even started pricing beds. I think we're going to get the best prices at Ikea, honestly. There are some great beds out there...


nava_jo said...

Wow you Goth up well. Scary :)

And your lil'skelton is SUPER cute, I love the fall leaves. We live in the desert now, so there aren't any fall leaves :(

BeatlesDiva said...

I love the costumes!

Michelle said...

Dang, he's a cute little monkey...uh, skeleton! Just wait. Another year or so and he won't be letting you take off his costume and keep him home!

becca said...

Elementary school kids are alowed
to vote, but their votes don't count. Why did they all vote for BARACK OBAMA?!?!

-Your paranoid neice,


Becca said...


felix is extremely cute.

momodafoxes4 said...

WOOOHOOOO for the goth chick...she's hott!!!! Now, how long did that take you to put together and again...take off? Oh yes, Felix makes a cute lil' pile o' bones!

Dirtius Wifius said...

Thanks. It took about half hour total to put together and maybe half that to take off. Not too bad, eh?

Yeah, Felix sure is cute. :)