Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wallpaper tag

Because I'm a bad friend, I just barely caught the tag. Sorry about that Kristin. :)

Truth is that my wallpaper is the generic one that comes with the Mac operating system. I'm dumb enough about Macs that I have not even the slightest idea how to change it. It's some kind of purple and navy space scene. Pleasant enough, I guess.

The desktop on my work computer (where I can't access blog stuff because of work blocks) is much more interesting. It's a picture of a Norwegian fjord. Some day I'll take a cruise up the fjords of Norway. I've wanted to do so ever since I can remember. My dad served his mission in Norway and I've been enchanted with it ever since. Alaska has some similar scenery (based on the pics of Norway I've seen), but Norway seems like the real thing. Not sure why.

I'm not really into tagging people, but I like the idea of other people answering the question and putting up a picture for people to gawk at. Feel free to share!

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