Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A commercial that I like and some other stuff

My friend Lis sent me a link to this commercial and I really like it. It makes me think a lot and I agree with the sentiment. On the original link, there was a lot of negative feedback because people were saying it was hypocritical for a company like Dove to advertise this kind of thing. I disagree.

Last night after I bit poor Felix, we put him to bed and he slept. That was a really nice thing. Especially since he slept till this morning about 9:15. Then when he woke up, he didn't cry. He was just hanging out in his crib waiting for us to come and get him. It was such a change to see him so cheerful!

We're going to try to recreate the day, but I won't bite him again unless I get desperate. hah!

When we finally got him up, he was soaked through his sleeper, so I changed him and then let him crawl around in his diaper.

Apparently, it's a bad thing to leave your cookies where a little kid like Felix can find them. I'll post pictures later today from Brent's computer.


Kipluck said...

I don't find it hypocritical at ALL. Dove has actually done a couple of these little things about REAL beauty, emphasizing women of different sizes and ages, and one showing how photoshopped models are. That is really cool.

Kipluck said...

Plus also, I put it on my weight loss blog. hee hee!