Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weird dream #1

(I actually have a lot of really weird dreams, but I don't normally remember them long enough to record them. I'm eventually going to write a book about one series of alien dreams I had a while back. In the meantime, I'm going to record my dreams here whenever I remember them so other people can laugh at them as much as I do...)

There was a giant really old school that I went to (as in visited, not attended). It was very strange. I was with some old friends of mine and we were wandering around. I got the sense that one of my friends attended the school.

One evening after classes were done, we decided to do some shopping in the tunnels underneath the school. They reminded me of small side streets in Europe - little tiny shops stuck in the side of the walls.

When we got to the bottom of this very steep and curvy corridor, there was a bookstore that was going out of business. It looked like the owner had stockpiled all the very best books for his own use. We went past and there was one more business - a bar-type restaurant. We were afraid it wasn't still open because by now it was super duper late at night.

The bar/restaurant was open, and out the back of the room it was really open - out onto the grass below the school. We looked out and it was now daytime and the grass was covered with carnival-type rides and booths.

I saw what looked like a couple of old-fashioned cars on the grass in a circle under a built-in canopy and I thought it was a place to eat. There was also a set of seats like one of those old trains that goes around fairs (you know, that take the people on a small tour) that I didn't want to sit on. We went and sat in one of the cars (by now it was just me and one friend) and it started moving. It turned out to be some sort of carousel.

When it finished, all the Hispanics shouted out, "Viva South America! Viva Cuba!" Apparently they had built the ride.

I went to find Brent and Felix. Felix was asleep in his swing somewhere and Brent was wandering around. There was a water slide and a fun fountain to play in below the carousel. This whole thing was on the side of a giant not-too-steep hill. I looked back up at the school and there was a big round building (kind of like a water tower) that had a giant sign on it. The sign said, "ONLY TWO CREEPS AT A TIME", meaning that at any one time there were only two creeps attending the school.

As I was on the upper part of a small incline by the fountain and water slide, some lady was putting her two small children on that upper part so she could walk up the hill. One of the children was a baby and he crawled over to my leg and started pulling himself up. I said, "Wrong leg, kiddo," got myself free, and went to find Felix because I thought he would really love playing in the fountain.

I got distracted because I had to go to the bathroom, and that's when I woke up.

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Daisy Paige said...

Your dreams are crazy, girl.

Love how much room your blog has now - think I might get a wider layout.