Thursday, March 13, 2008


The first pic is Felix and the cookies. The second is his new favorite place to play. He just crawls in and throws socks. Not sure why, but he loves it. So cute. :)

So, we got my new hard drive in the mail today and Brent hooked me up. I'm back at my computer. That's a good thing, because as you can tell by the previous two posts, I don't post so well from other places. Actually, I posted them on two different days. When I looked the next day and it still wasn't there so I tried again. That's why it's there twice. Please accept my apology.

Anyway, I'm still getting used to the new operating system. This has all been very frustrating. Partly because I have now lost everything that was on my hard drive (all my pictures!!!!), and partly because I don't feel like this should have happened. I feel very victim-like. My cousin-in-law very helpfully tried to see if he could do any salvaging, but it was no luck. Sigh. Thank goodness for free blogs because otherwise I wouldn't have any pictures of Felix at all. That would be so tragic!

Here's a summary of the past couple of days...

* um, dead computer finally fixed.

* Felix threw up most of the day Sunday but was fine by the evening (he cut his fourth tooth on Monday. coincidence?)

* Mom came home from church and told me I had been released. Apparently Brent and I are no longer ward missionaries. We still haven't heard anything officially.

* Sunday afternoon I drove to Logan with Mom and we hung out with my brother Jared and his family and my brother Nathaniel and his wife Lina. It was very pleasant. On the way home I talked to my sister Sarah for most of the entire trip. I really like speaker phone!

* Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I babysat for my sister Anne. She had orientation and needed someone to watch her youngest. It was nice to not go in to work, but I'm glad to be able to sleep in late again.

* Tuesday evening Anne and I went to the cannery. My first time. It was actually really nice. Cute little old people and some volunteers. Anne paid me back for babysitting with food storage, so now I have 7 boxes of long-term food storage in my living room and another 6 in my car. I haven't had the energy to figure out where to put them yet. Maybe I'll do the Mormon thing and store them under a bed. hah!

* Brent finally did our taxes and he thinks we owe $4500. I'm just a little bit freaked out.

That's about it. I've missed you!


Jeff & Tran said...

Wow... Sounds like you have had such a busy week. I just love that video of Felix in his fav place. That is so adorable.

Jeff & Tran said...

Oh.. And glad to hear your computer is back in action. I hate not having a working computer. Seems like these days, we can't live without it.

Lady Lyn said...

Hey there--our family blog has moved. It's now

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