Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter fun

I know there is a lot to be said for the meaning behind all the celebrations for religious holidays. And in my heart, I think about those meanings all the time. They are never far from me. I think about the Passover, the atonement, the resurrection, and I think about my savior Jesus Christ.

That being said, I like the celebration part too.

On Friday my brother and his family came to visit and pick up some Easter dresses. I feel quite chagrined to admit that I was supposed to make those dresses but my mom ended up doing the majority of the work. She did a fantastic job, of course. She's such an amazing bailer-outer.

We had lots of fun hanging out with family that evening and Saturday morning, and by noon we were off to our next adventure.

Brent's family had a big late lunch planned for up in northern Utah. It was a mostly pleasant drive and we got there within half an hour of it starting (even though we left an hour later than I wanted). The lunch was held in the veteran's hall in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere - the same place we had an open house for our wedding two years ago.

The kids ran around looking for Easter eggs, Felix crawled around enthralled by all the people and getting filthy, and we had lots of fun talking to everyone. When the lunch came to a close a bunch of the clan decided to go see a matinee movie, and Brent and I picked 10,000 BC over Horton Hears a Who. It was horribly entertaining. Dumb movie, but well made.

After the movie we headed back to a brother's house to hang out for a couple more hours. Brent played with some nephews on the Wii and I watched Martian Child (good movie) and Felix just kind of wandered around. After that movie was over, someone mentioned a "little kid roller coaster in the basement" so we went to look. This is what we found:

On Sunday we got together for a family dinner with my side of the family. We had fun hanging out with everyone and eating yummy food.

Last night Brent and I were goofing off while we were getting ready to go to sleep and as we turned toward each other, his elbow and my nose connected. The flash of pain knocked me back and I put my hands over my face and kind of yelped at Brent. He hadn't even noticed or felt it! I laughed at him and then I felt liquid on my hands. That was the biggest nose bleed I've ever had! The whole time I was holding the kleenex tight to my nose I was laughing, and it did stop after not too long. I guess it was worst in terms of volume.

Anyway, today (and this past weekend) has been great. In short: the weather is beautiful, Felix is cute, and I love my husband.

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